• Mary Ann Wenniger

    Mary Ann Wenniger

    Artist, teacher, author, Mary Ann de Buy Wenniger is a well-respected art dealer and gallerist of forty years in Boston, Rockport, Provincetown and now co-owns Wenniger Cottage Gallery and Print Studio in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

    Mary Ann studied Art history at Boston University and New York University. She received an M.A. in art education from Harvard and a M.F.A. from Vermont College. Mary Ann learned printmaking at the Radcliffe Institute and DeCordova Museum, and is a self-proclaimed course junkie delighting in learning new things.

    Mary Ann was one of the first artists to experiment with the collagraph during its genesis in the 1960's when polymer glues were developed that make it possible to create permanently adhered collaged plates and print them on rag paper using an intaglio press.

    She purposely uses new colors for each print; thus each print is unique. The plates themselves are art works. They take weeks to assemble. She uniquely combines elements of sculpture and printmaking.

    Wenniger collagraphs captivate with their genre scenes, poetic titles reflecting her optimistic spirit. Their hand wrought, painterly surfaces shine with rich colors from heavy printmaking oil inks used. Although printmaking implies multiples, for Wenniger each print becomes a painting.

    Wenniger collagraphs are primarily in private homes with some in corporate collections: First Bank of New Hampshire, Bank of Boston, Fidelity Investments, Rockefeller collection.

  • Mace Wenniger

    Mace Wenniger

    Mace Wenniger, painter and colorist, specializes in the human figure His commissions of adults are begun in the studio or at the subjectís home with brief poses totaling no more than 60-90 minutes. Sketches are transferred in the studio to the final painting. Mace's technique is characterized by strong contour lines and broad brush strokes. Watercolor paintings of the figure are often drawn with the side of the palette knife dipped in pigment and then filled in with color washes. Beautiful spontaneous effects are often created by bleeding the color lines into the washes.

    Recent work includes simple India Ink drawings of Yoga poses. Using a crow quill pen and nib. Mace executes sensitive line renderings- five minute studies of asanas that capture the essence of the pose. They are the core of a short book correlating postures with lines from the canticles and psalms.

    Born of an American Mother and a Dutch Planter father, Mace was raised in Java, Indonesia, until he was seven. He was educated in England at the Westminster School until he joined the American Army and was transferred to Paris as part of the Signal Corps. After the war, he studied city planning at the University of Chicago where he got a master's degree.

    Mace had an early career as a city planner in Boston and in Chicago, working with Ed Logue as Planning Director of the City of Boston. Mace drafted for Boston the first Signage Code in the country.

    As an artist Mace has concentrated on the figure.

    Classically trained in England at the Reading School of Art and in Paris at L'Ecole de la Grande Chaumier as a painter and sculptor, Mace's art work is boldly structured with a confident hand. Yet he always keeps a freshness and spontaneity in each medium. Living near the Rockport Art Association where there are many models, Mace kept experimenting within this context.

    It was Mace Wenniger's idea to start the gallery in 1971. He read a series on the new explosion of printmaking on the New York art scene in the Wall Street Journal and proposed that he and his wife, MaryAnn start a print gallery. MaryAnn left art education and found a small gallery space on a side street in Rockport where they both worked on week-ends.

    At the behest of clients the Wennigers opened their Boston Gallery in 1978 while keeping their Rockport gallery as well. Mace learned the framing business from a gallery in Provincetown and eventually opened a summer gallery there as well.

    1986, Mace joined Wenniger Gallery as treasurer and full time partner. Mace Wenniger works in his studio on Goose Cove in Gloucester and is available to paint studies of the figure by appointment, on commission.